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Applications of Anodized Aluminum Colors

Applications of Anodized Aluminum Colors


Anodized aluminum colors can change over time for a number of reasons. The most common reason is exposure to the elements, which can cause the color to fade or become dull. Other causes include abrasion, chemicals, and heat.


Anodized aluminum colors will change over time due to the natural process of oxidation. The rate at which the colors change will depend on the environment in which the aluminum is exposed. For example, aluminum that is exposed to sunlight will fade faster than aluminum that is not exposed to sunlight.


The color of anodized aluminum can also be affected by chemicals, such as cleaners and pool chemicals.Anodized aluminum colors will change over time due to the nature of the anodizing process. The aluminum oxide that is formed during the anodizing process is not a stable compound. It will slowly break down and revert back to aluminum.


The rate at which this happens will depend on a number of factors, including the thickness of the oxide layer, the type of electrolyte used, the temperature, and the pH. In general, thicker oxide layers will take longer to break down than thinner ones.


There are a few ways to slow down this process and keep your anodized aluminum looking its best for longer. One is to seal the surface with a clear lacquer or resin. This will provide a barrier between the aluminum and the environment, which will help to prevent oxygen and moisture from reaching the surface and speeding up the breakdown of the oxide layer.

The Result

The final visual appearance is not only formed by the color of the dye but also by the depth of the pores. This affects how light is absorbed or reflected off the surface. As mentioned, different elements in the alloy affect the size and shape of pores and the absorption of dyes.


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