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China CNC Machining Aluminum - Boyang CNC Machining Aluminum

Boyang is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC Machining Aluminum in China, with a large number of high-quality CNC Machining Aluminum. Please feel free to wholesale customized CNC Machining Aluminum made in China from our factory.

China CNC Machining Aluminum


CNC Machining for Aluminum Parts


Aluminum offers excellent machinability, durability, low weight, and low cost for a variety of parts in a variety of industries


Machined Aluminum Applications


--Automotive parts


--Housing, brackets, and other components for aerospace use that must support heavy load capacities but be light weight


--Fixtures, calipers, and a variety of other parts for industrial equipment


--Enclosures, panels, consoles, knobs, housing, and other applications for consumer and computer electronics


CNC Machining Aluminum: What is CNC machining of aluminum profiles?


CNC Machining Aluminum is a new type of processing technology in the processing of industrial aluminum profiles. The main task is to write processing programs and turn the original manual work into a computer. However, it still requires manual handling experience. CNC machining belongs to CNC lathe machining. The determination of CNC Machining Aluminum's machining route generally follows several principles:

CNC Machining Aluminum

1. The first is to ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece to be processed, thereby shortening the processing route, reducing the idle time, and improving the processing efficiency.


2. The second point is to simplify the workload of numerical calculations as much as possible, thereby simplifying the processing procedures.


3. Finally, for some reusable programs, subroutine operations are required.


CNC Machining Aluminum: What cutting fluid is generally used for CNC machining centers? We process aluminum alloy.


CNC Machining Aluminum cutting fluid is a high-quality general-purpose metalworking fluid concentrate. This product is used for cutting and grinding various metals. Even under very harsh processing conditions, no special maintenance is required. This product has good lubricity and strong anti-friction characteristics, especially suitable for heavy-duty processing. Excellent stability and superior processing performance make it a product of modern high-quality processing industry.

CNC Machining Aluminum

Features of CNC Machining Aluminum:


1. Long service life---The stable formula has a long service life, and it can be used alone for more than one year.


2. Wide application range-can be used for cutting or grinding; suitable for aluminum alloy, steel, cast iron, copper alloy, stainless steel, etc.


3. Superior lubrication performance-better maintain the balance of lubrication and cooling, extend the life of the tool, and provide excellent surface finish.


4. No foam---Under high pressure, there is no need to consider foam factors.


5. Biological stability --- can effectively resist bacteria and fungi, and minimize the discharge of waste liquid. This product can be used effectively for a long time without adding other high-cost additives.


6. Minimize the impact on the environment-conventional technology and equipment can be used to regenerate cutting fluid and discharge waste fluid.



Application scenarios of CNC Machining Aluminum:


1. It is widely used in the processing of various materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, die steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, and copper alloy.


2. It can be used for machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling, reaming, grinding, boring, and tapping.


3. It is widely used in machining centers, CNC machine tools and other processing equipment.


CNC machining aluminum: How to reach 0.8 surface roughness of CNC machining aluminum alloy


1. Enhance the rigidity of CNC Machining Aluminum's machine tool.


In order to improve the rigidity of the machine tool, shorten the extension length of the spindle sleeve as much as possible. If necessary, remove the workbench baffle and raise the workbench. At the same time, avoid using too long tools, shorten the extension length of the tool in the chuck chuck within the scope of the project, increase the clamping stability of the chuck chuck, and ensure the contact surface between the chuck chuck The chuck is in the fixture. There is sufficient contact stiffness in the tight state.


In addition, increasing the diameter of the milling cutter will help increase the rigidity of the cutting system. Through the above measures, the rigidity of the machine tool and the cutting system has been improved to a certain extent, and the vibration lines have been significantly reduced.


2. Reasonably adjust the machining allowance of CNC Machining Aluminum.


It is found through experiments that adding a semi-finishing process between roughing and finishing, and controlling the finishing allowance in a small range, helps to improve the surface quality of finishing. The effect is more obvious.


3. Determine the CNC Machining Aluminum precision milling method suitable for this machine tool.


During up-milling, due to the uniform change of cutting thickness from small to large, the chips are peeled from the machined surface to the unmachined surface, and the heat in the chips is dissipated to the workpiece by the tool. During down milling, the cutting method changes more drastically, the chips are peeled from the unprocessed surface to the processed surface, and the heat in the chips can be more smoothly dissipated to the processing position.


The results of comparative experiments show that when the rigidity of the machine tool is poor, down milling can reduce vibration and obtain lower surface roughness compared with up and down milling. Therefore, when editing the processing program, the down milling method should be used.


4. Choose and make suitable tools.


(1) Tool selection.


Aluminum alloy is a typical plastic material. A milling cutter with a larger rake angle and helix angle should be used to obtain a sharp cutting edge. This has an obvious effect on improving the surface quality of finishing, but this kind of tool is difficult to buy in the market and needs to be specially designed and customized.


However, even if you use an ordinary milling cutter, the finishing tool should be a new one to keep the blade sharp. It is generally believed that the red hardness of high-speed steel tools is poor, while the TiC content of P-type cemented carbide is higher, and there is a strong chemical affinity between Ti and Al. Prone to diffusion wear. Therefore, K series cemented carbide should be selected as the tool material for processing aluminum alloy materials.


(2) Increase the number of teeth of the milling cutter.


Choosing a milling cutter with a large number of blades (4 or more) can reduce the surface roughness value of the machined surface. However, since the clamping range of the chuck is a straight shank milling cutter with a smaller diameter, it is difficult to increase the number of teeth of the milling cutter. In addition, it is necessary to consider the restriction of the inner cavity contour shape on the tool diameter.


Aluminum Machining Parts Supplier - Boyang


Boyang is a leading China CNC Machining Aluminum factory that focuses on CNC Machining Aluminum. We focus on producing high-quality Boyang CNC Machining Aluminum with complete specifications.Aluminum machining parts supplier Boyang offers a vast selection of aluminum cutting tools and dies, along with a variety of other machining supplies. They offer both domestic and international shipping, ensuring that their products are available to customers worldwide. Their website is easy to navigate and features a wide range of information about aluminum machining, including videos and articles about the different types of machining that can be done with the metal.



Boyang CNC Machining Aluminum


When designing and developing new products according to customer needs, we strictly control quality standards while controlling production costs.


Cnc Aluminum Parts Suppliers


CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process where raw material is removed to create a part or product. CNC machining can be used on a variety of materials including metals, plastics, and composites. aluminum is a popular choice for CNC machining because it is strong yet lightweight. When looking for a CNC aluminum parts supplier, it is important to find one that has experience and expertise in the machining process.



Aluminium Cnc Parts Factory,CNC aluminum parts factories are facilities where computer numerical controlled machines are used to fabricate aluminum parts. These factories use cutting tools to remove excess material from aluminum stock to create the desired shape. CNC machines are precise and can create complex shapes, making them ideal for creating aluminum parts.


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