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China CNC Machining Brass - Boyang CNC Machining Brass

Boyang is a leading China CNC Machining Brass manufacturer that focuses on CNC Machining Brass. We have our own production workshop and design team for Boyang CNC Machining Brass.

China CNC Machining Brass


Brass is a weather and corrosion resistant metal with tensile strength similar to mild steel. It's also an easy to machine material, so feedrates can remain high and coolant need is minimal.


We carry two grades of brass for CNC machining:


Brass C260 cartridge brass contains 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc. It's considered the most general purpose of all brass alloys.


Brass C360 remains the industry standard for general machining and high volume production. The excellent machinability characteristic of C360 permits full utilization of a screw machine’s capabilities.


CNC Machining Brass: How to process copper materials on CNC lathes


The steps of CNC Machining Brass material:


The electric spindle of CNC Machining Brass is generally used for frequency converters. Through the asynchronous motor formula, we know that the speed of the motor is proportional to the voltage, that is to say, the lower the speed, the lower the voltage, and the torque of the motor is the square of the voltage. Proportional, that is, the lower the voltage, the greater the torque attenuation. If it is low speed, the torque of the motor using the inverter will be very small.

CNC Machining Brass

In order to obtain relatively large torque at low speed (usually we cut large parts, the speed is relatively low, and because the parts are large, even if the cutting margin is not large, due to the large diameter, the torque is usually not small), generally speaking, gears are used To change the speed, the motor speed does not decrease. To a very low level.


CNC Machining Brass can use electric spindle, but it depends on the occasion. If the cutting situation is above the speed (there is the maximum voltage, the frequency of the electric spindle is the highest), or in the case of milling or drilling above the speed (there is the maximum voltage, the frequency is the highest), it is recommended to use the electric spindle, after all, there is no connection mechanism, so use it convenient.

CNC Machining Brass

If it is not in these situations, it is recommended to use variable frequency motor + gear box + variable frequency torque converter, which has a wide range of torque output and good two-stage gear shifting.


With the rapid development of CNC Machining Brass's numerical control technology, "composite, high-speed, intelligent, precise, and environmentally friendly" has become the main trend of technology development in the machine tool industry today. Among them, high-speed machining can effectively improve the machining efficiency of CNC Machining Brass machine tools and shorten the machining cycle of the workpiece. This requires the spindle of the machine tool and its related parts to meet the needs of high-speed machining. CNC machine tool spindle bearings are basically limited to four structural types: angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.


With the rapid development of CNC machine tool spindles of CNC Machining Brass, ceramic materials (mainly engineering ceramics) have excellent properties such as low density, high elastic modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Ideal material for manufacturing high-speed precision bearings. The application of ceramic bearings is becoming more and more extensive. In view of the difficult processing of ceramic materials, precision ceramic bearings are mostly hybrid ceramic ball bearings, the rolling elements are ceramic, and the inner and outer rings are still chrome steel.


CNC Machining Brass's ball screw pair is a precise, efficient, and sensitive transmission element. It not only uses high-precision screws, nuts and balls, but also pays attention to the selection of bearings with high axial rigidity, small friction torque and high running accuracy. Ball screw brackets used to use bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller and thrust combined bearings, deep groove ball bearings and thrust ball bearings.



CNC Machining Brass: Brass processing by CNC lathes will not oxidize.


If you add cooling or anti-oxidation, it is not good for the machine tool, and the copper scraps are not easy to recover.


CNC Machining Brass: Why is the brass workpiece deformed by CNC milling machine


The thermal deformation of copper is extremely large, the thermal expansion and contraction are very severe, and copper is a soft metal. If the clamping force is too large, it will cause deformation of the fixture.


Boyang is a leading China CNC Machining Brass manufacturer that focuses on CNC Machining Brass. We have our own production workshop and design team for Boyang CNC Machining Brass.



Boyang CNC Machining Brass


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